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In the first few years of my career I had the opportunity to combine my profession as a tour guide with my professional job as an Editor of a leading Israeli website MAPA LTD, specializing in Leisure and Tourism in Israel. In addition, I served as an author and expert advisor for the leading  Israeli publisher "Mapa", along with frequent TV appearances and published articles recommending local tours and itineraries  for a number of leading daily newspapers and internet sites. Along the way, as a guide, I specialized in urban tours in old cities and food tours in the markets.


The tours I offer are specifically designed to relate the geographical and historical backdrop of the particular site visited, along with its cultural importance and unique charm. I try to achieve this by providing plain narrative accounts, flavoured with stories, tales and  humorous anecdotes.


Tours are tailored to meet the needs and the signature profile and interests of each group (e.g., adults, children and teenagers, entire families, social or professional parties).  

I will be delighted to host you for one of my tours soon!


Yair Zeidner

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