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לקוחות מרוצים

October 2019 Jeff and Shirley Wolinski, Australia

During October 2019 my wife and I had the unique experience to enjoy two days of high quality touring conducted by Yair Zeidner.
The tours were conducted from Tiberias and provided a unique insight into the history, geography and culture of the Galilee and Golan heights.....
Shirley and I would like to thank Yair for the effort and time he put into the tours, to provide us with an unforgettable experience.

6/8/2019 Karen, Alex and Ed Redinger, Germany 

Just a little note to thank you for the wonderful private guided tour of the Northern Coast of Israel. Haifa, Akko, Caesarea would not have been the same for us without your stories. The lunch at the restaurant you took us to in Akko was something we won’t soon forget. We learned so much and enjoyed our day with you very much. A private tour with you is really something special which I would recommend to anyone. Five stars!

Very best wishes to you and your family from Germany,

9/5/2018 David & Karen Sowa, USA

Yair Zeidner was an excellent Israel guide. Thank Yair for his wonderful work. Yair is a linguist, an architect, an historian, a botanist, and a biblical scholar. Karen and I learned so much from him. We were thrilled to share the excitement of Remembrance Day and the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel!

24/10/2017 David & Abby, Brooklyn, NY

We spent three days hiking with Yair Zeidner as our guide in the Galilee. He was extremely knowledgeable, interesting, flexible, resourceful, and fun. We had a great time on our hike and highly recommend Yair as a guide for any type of outing

24/11/2016 Anne Woodley, London, England

thank you so much Yair for your time and energy on Monday. The tour of Jerusalem absolutely blew me away!  You are fantastic at presenting all the facts in a very practical way, without judgement or editorial.

I really enjoyed your fair and balanced explanations as it allowed me to make my own conclusions.  Plus, you are extremely funny and charming so that made it all the more fantastic!  

You have a fantastic job, and I know it's something you do every day but never underestimate that you are a large part of so many people's "bucket list" trips and part of people's special memories of Israel.

8/3/2016  Karena & Katja, Hamburg, Germany

We enjoyed the day with Yair very much! It was such a pleasure to visit Nazareth and Lake Kinnereth with him in February 2016.

He perfectly knows all the different sites to see and he told us a lot about the historical and religious aspects. We can highly recommend him as a very kind and educated guide who’s ambition was to give us a great time!

Israel is now definately one of our very special places we went to. And we hope to come back!


10/12/2014 הלן (יום גיבוש חברה), סיור טעימות ביפו

תודה רבה על הסיור אתמול. המדריך יאיר היה מעולה והתאים בדיוק לקבוצה הקטנה שלנו. הוא היה מקסים ומבריק וידע להפתיע ולחדש גם לאלו שחשבו שמכירים את יפו היטב (כמוני). המקומות של הטעימות נבחרו בקפידה וממש ממש נהינו מכל רגע. כל הכבוד! אשמח לפרסם המלצה באתר שלכם או איפה שתרצו.

 7/11/2013  חברת סייבר ארק, סיור בלוינסקי ונווה צדק 

נהננו מאוד אתמול בסיור!

יאיר היה מעניין ולקח אותנו למקומות יפים ומיוחדים.

רצינו להודות על כל התהליך, הן על שלב התכנון מולך והן על הביצוע המוצלח בפועל.

נשמח להיות ממליצות על הסיור בכלל ועל יאיר בפרט בעתיד :-)

 13/5/2013 מחלקת מקרקעין של משרד המשפטים

יצאנו (קבוצה של 10 חבר'ה מהעבודה) לסיור בשוק לוינסקי שהתחבר לנווה צדק ואחוזת בית.הסיור שנמשך כשלוש שעות עבר דרך הטעמים השונים שהביאו העליות השונות לשוק לוינסקיהבתים היפים והרכילות של נווה צדק, ועד לאחוזת בית וכלבו שלום, שעומד מבויש במקום גימנסיה הרצליה.יאיר התאים את עצמו לקצב ולעניין של הקבוצה, שלט היטב במידע האובייקטיבי ושזר בו גם רכילות סובייקטיבית מהתקופה.משך הסיור של כשלוש שעות היה בדיוק נכון למצות את הסיור בלי למצות אותנו.

19/7/2012  יפעת יוגב, סיור ביפו העתיקה לדרי הוסטל מעמותת אקי"ם:  

הסיור היה פשוט נפלא המדריך יאיר היא מצוין, היה מקצועי ומאוד קשוב לצרכי הקבוצה (אורך מסלול, כמות תיאורים והסברים מותאמת). מאוד נהנו מהסיור, הדיירים עוד המשיכו לדבר עליו מספר ימים לאחר מכן..


 30/12/2013 Sheila Fox

Hi Yair, Just to let you know the trip to Israel, although it was not my first or tenth trip , you made it very exciting for Dave and I. It was something for these two 60 somethings to experience Israel from such a challenging view. We were not only entertained but well educated by your commentary. I understand that you had a lot to do with the format of the trip-you created a variety of different experiences that we will long remember. Thank you for all your wonderful knowledge and opinions. This was a trip of a lifetime. I thank you for both Dave and I. Happy and healthy New Year to you and your lovely family.


 2/1/2013 Wehrwein family


Your meant to be a guide!

You have tremendous patience, knowledge and good sense of humor, and we were all so fortunate to have you guide us... Not to mention your flexibility :) with all the daily changes.

Thank you again!

Keegan, Jess, Julie and Aquinnah

 1/12/2013 Corine Thaibaut , Coca Cola

Dear Yair,
It was really nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the great guided tour last week :-)

Attached very nice pictures of you!

I keep your card ... in case i can organize another guided tour when back in your beautiful country

All the best for you and the family, take care!



 9/1/2012 Danielle Rosenbaum

Yair, My dad and I wanted to thank you again for your tour of Jerusalem and the Old City! We had a wonderful experience working with you. You are very knowledgable and fun person to spend a day with. My dad keeps telling everyone about the Abu Taher restaurant he ate at.... I think his head is still spinning from how amazing our trip was.Thank you again!!



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